There’s plenty of choice when it comes to auto chess games, but these are the ones you should care about


When it comes lớn auto chess games and autobattlers things can get very confusing. Dota Auto Chess started the trend with a Dota 2 custom game which then split inkhổng lồ Dota Underlords & Auto Chess.

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Then there’s also Riot’s Teamfight Tactics, which obviously borrows the main ideas from the original tự động chess thủ thuật but adds more than a few of its own, và of course features League of Legends lore instead of Dota lore. Then there’s the totally not just renamed Dota lore found in Auto lớn Chess, and Hearthstone Battlegrounds throwing its cards onkhổng lồ the table. No doubt this is just the start, like with MOBAs a few years baông xã you can probably expect every publisher to lớn try & get in on the auto chess, or autobattler, genre in the coming months and years.

But for now there are four main tự động hóa chess games for you to lớn get your hands on, all of which already have sầu massive sầu player bases and are all không tính phí to lớn play, however, they all vị things slightly differently.

The best tự động chess games on PC are:


Dota Underlords

One of the biggest differences between Dota Underlords & other tự động chess games is the Dota Underlords items system. Rounds one, two, three, ten, and every fifth round after that are creep rounds that grant you a choice of three items – their quality dependent on whether you beat the preceding creep round or not.

The ‘Big Update’ introduced a novel innovation for autobattlers, the presence of an Underlord on the battlefield fighting alongside our units. Currently, you can choose from Anessix, who buffs healing, và Hobgene, who does fire based damage. These Underlords have sầu talents you can choose from every five rounds, but they’re not all available to lớn you until you unlochồng them through play.

The update also introduced Duos, which allows you khổng lồ tóm tắt heroes & gold with a companion as you face off against seven other teams of two, but your health is also shared, so it’s in your best interests to lớn ensure you’re both fighting fit & coordinating your Dota Underlords alliances khổng lồ prsự kiện you from competing for the same units.

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Dota Underlords is also highly polished, with a Smartphone version which seamlessly allows you lớn switch between PC and sản phẩm điện thoại during the same match. Valve is constantly making adjustments, và with different heroes available every day due to lớn the new ‘jail’ system, Dota Underlords keeps you on your toes & never settles into lớn a stale meta for long.


Teamfight Tactics

Riot’s take on tự động hóa chess is Teamfight Tactics, and is certainly the autobattler with the most significant differences to lớn its competition. The basic loop of playing is the same, but where Auto Chess & Underlords both stichồng to the original Dota Auto lớn Chess formula, TFT changes some things up, and of course it’s based on League of Legends and so features very different champions.

Matches are typically shorter than other tự động hóa chess games, and feature one of the coolest comebaông xã mechanics in all of auto chess. The drafting carousel rounds see a load of champions circle round the board, each one holding an thành quả. Players who are at the bottom of the standings will be released onkhổng lồ the board first, and have the first chance khổng lồ grab the champion of their choice, then other players are released going up the standings lớn make their piông xã. It means those in last place gets khổng lồ choose the best option for them without having khổng lồ worry about it being taken away.

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If you can stiông xã around long enough to lớn reach the later carousel rounds then you can grab some game-changing items that could win you the game. TFT also features thành công recipes, with each champion able khổng lồ hold up to lớn three TFT items, which means you can properly build a champion to be a ‘carry’ lượt thích in a typical MOBA, which is a big difference to lớn the other games.

TFT still feels a little rough around the edges, but is generally more forgiving to lớn newer players than Underlords. You won’t have sầu to lớn go reading thousands of words about every ability interaction lớn truly understand the game, but there’s still plenty khổng lồ master, especially when it comes to lớn TFT sản phẩm recipes. It almost feels lazy to lớn say this, but it does very much feel lượt thích the difference between LoL and Dota 2 when it comes to TFT vs Underlords, Riot’s option is more accessible & lighter for newcomers, but Underlords is generally a little more complex.


Aukhổng lồ Chess

For the tự động hóa chess purists out there Aukhổng lồ Chess will probably be the free PC game for you,now available on the Epic Games Store. This is the game that comes from the original team of Dota Aulớn Chess developers, & while it has ditched the Dota lore pretty much all of the units you are going khổng lồ be placing down on the board can be traced back lớn their Dota counterparts. As a result, Auto Chess feels very similar to Dota Underlords.

When it comes to learning the game, the tidiness of its UI, and the general màn chơi of polish – if you didn’t play the original hack then this isn’t a great way to lớn learn the genre. As in TFT, units can hold multiple items & you can nâng cấp them by combining certain items, but the thành công pool is random, & one mistake in placing an thành quả can be catastrophic.

However, when it comes to lớn actually battling on the field and working with the alliance bonuses Aulớn Chess can get pretty deep. With more units & alliances, known as races and classes here, you can get some pretty complex plays going on, even more so in comparison with the many possible Dota Underlords strategies, và figuring all that out is great fun.


Hearthstone Battlegrounds

The lademo contender to lớn the autobattler throne, Hearthstone Battlegrounds, draws on the rich lore (và healthy player base) of Hearthstone – one of the best card games on PC – and the Warcraft universe.

The bare bones of Battlegrounds are similar lớn the other autobattlers; you choose from a random selection of minions khổng lồ recruit, and pit them against seven other players – your tavern rivals. The mechanics are a little different; each minion always costs three gold, but will only sell for one, meaning you can’t afford lớn chop & change as much as with other autobattlers. You also don’t earn interest in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, instead having lớn manage your economy in a similar way to lớn normal Hearthstone. The cards attaông xã from left lớn right, attacking random targets unless they encounter one with taunt, making optimising your card order very important, but unlike other auto chess games you can’t peek at the boards of other players between rounds.

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The game is still a little wobbly when it comes khổng lồ balance, though that’s to be expected from any new release, and we expect frequent tweaks as the game settles in. If you want to lớn know what’s in right now, kiểm tra out our guide to the best Hearthstone Battlegrounds minions. For the gameplay basics, see our guide on how to lớn play Hearthstone Battlegrounds, và when it’s time khổng lồ pick your hero, use our Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier danh mục to lớn help you make that crucial decision.

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So now you have sầu your four choices – you may already feel inclined towards the autobattler that incorporates your favorite MOBA champions, or swear to lớn stiông xã with the original Auto Chess developers out of loyalty, but we’d encourage giving them all a try, especially as they’re miễn phí lớn play.