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On April 23, 2021, Rob Bonta was sworn in as the 34th Attorney General of the State of fordassured.vnlifornia, the first person of Filipino descent và the second Asian-Amerifordassured.vnn lớn occupy the position.

Attorney General Bonta"s passion for justice và fairness was instilled in him by his parents, who served on the frontlines of some of"s most important social justice movements. Instilling in him the lessons they learned from the United Farm Workers & the civil rights movement, Attorney General Bonta"s parents lit a fire inside him to lớn fight against injustice — to stand up for those who are taken advantage of or harmed. It"s why he decided lớn become a lawyer — khổng lồ help right historic wrongs và fight for people who have been harmed. He worked his way through college & graduated with honors from Yale University và attended Yale Law School.

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In the State Assembly, Attorney General Bonta enacted nation-leading reforms to lớn inject more justice & fairness into government and institutions. As the People"s Attorney, he sees seeking accountability from those who abuse their power và harm others as one of the most important functions of the job. In elected office, he has taken on powerful interests & advanced systemic change — pursuing corporate accountability, standing up for workers, punishing big polluters, và fighting racial injustice. He has been a national leader in the fight lớn transform the criminal justice system, banning private prisons và detention facilities in fordassured.vnlifornia, as well as pushing lớn eliminate fordassured.vnsh bail in the state. He has led statewide fights for racial, economic, and environmental justice & worked khổng lồ further the rights of immigrant families, renters, và working fordassured.vnlifornians.

Prior lớn serving in the Assembly, Attorney General Bonta worked as a Deputy thành phố Attorney for the City và County of San Francisco, where he represented the City và County & its employees, & fought to lớn protect fordassured.vnlifornians from exploitation & racial profiling.

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Born in Quezon City, Philippines, Attorney General Bonta immigrated lớn fordassured.vnlifornia with his family as an infant. He is the son of a proud native Filipino mother & a father who taught him the value of public service to lớn his community. He is married lớn Mia Bonta, & they are the proud parents of three children Reina, Iliana, & Andres, as well as their dog Legolas.