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Good news for those who love League of Legends, especially Teamfight Tactics, Teamfight Tactics android for mobile was officially released by Riot Games. You can download the game and install it completely for không tính tiền via the link below the article.

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Introduce about Teamfight Tactics

Introduce about Teamfight Tactics

Currently, the game has just released a BETA version for Australian servers. Players in other countries need to lớn use VPN ứng dụng to change IP if you want khổng lồ experience this trò chơi soon. You can choose lớn use Turbo VPN, Hotspot Shield, ExpressVPN for a stable connection…

How lớn play Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics is an auto-chess mode of League of Legends. This game consists of 8 players in a match, the last survivor is the winner. Each person starts with 100 HP. After each loss, you will be deducted HP (defeating the opponent’s champions will help you thua less HP). Basically, the chơi game is simple. The controls are not complicated at all. You just need to drag & drop to lớn place the champion you want on the board. After that, your squad will automatically fight the enemy. However, in order for your squad khổng lồ be highly effective và capable of defeating other players, you need to have a good strategy.

Gold and exp points

Gold và exp points are two factors that players need to lớn consider when playing Teamfight Tactics. You will receive gold every time you finish a battle. You have two options to use gold, màn chơi up or rolling. Keeping the chain of losses or wins also gives you a large amount of gold reward. Therefore, you need khổng lồ learn how to lớn manage gold well khổng lồ have a squad you like.

The maximum number of champions on the board depends on your level. You can have up to 9 champions. If you màn chơi up before your opponent, you will have a slight advantage in numbers and surprise the opponent. If you have Force of Nature, you can place one more champion.

Champions, Classes & Elements

As you all know, Teamfight Tactics has now entered its second season with a completely new system of champions và items. In fact, Teamfight Tactics is not difficult. However, you need some time khổng lồ get used to it. It is not easy lớn remember all the champions, the Class and the items because it is almost remake compared khổng lồ the original game. If you’ve ever played LOL, that might be an advantage. But if you haven’t played LOL yet, you need to lớn know some information before starting a match.

Champions in the trò chơi are divided into several categories, priced from 1 gold khổng lồ 6 gold (special case: Lux costs 7 gold). The cost of each champion is divided by its rarity. When you buy in the store, you will get a 1-star champion. Combine three 1-star champions to khung a 2-star champion, three 2-star champions to lớn receive a 3-star champion. In theory, the odds of you having a rare champion depend on luck. But you can still have the perfect team if you have a good strategy.

The generals in the trò chơi are divided into Class and Element. You will activate the power nguồn of the Elements if you reach the required number of champions in that Element. For example, when your squad has Brand, Varus and Annie, you get the Inferno element effect. Currently, the game has elements such as Inferno, Water, Crystal, Steel, Earth, Sand, … Besides, the characters are also divided into classes such as Berserker, Blademaster, Ranger, Lunar, Predator, Light, Soul, Shadow, etc.

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Little Legends

Little Legends are very dễ thương creatures. They represent you on the battlefield. They can pick up equipment, pick up champions in The Carousel. In addition, they can “tease” opponents if you want. Collecting lovely Little Legends is also a joy in this game.


When playing Teamfight Tactics, you can participate in one of two modes, Normal and Ranked. If you win a ranked match (ending with a place in the đứng đầu 4), you will gain LP.

Some tips for new players

Do not spend too much gold on rolling at the beginning. At the beginning of the game, you should save your gold. The strength of each squad depends a lot on rare champions (cost 4 gold or more). So if you have a lot of gold when you are at a high level, you have a lot of chances of getting a rare champion.

One important thing you need khổng lồ know when playing Teamfight Tactics, how the team arrangement affects the strength of the squad very much. You need to lớn learn how lớn attack, the ability and range of each champion lớn have a reasonable strategy.

Besides, you will receive bonus gold based on the amount of gold you have accumulated (according khổng lồ each milestone 20, 30, 40, 50). Therefore, if you save a lot of gold, you will have many advantages over the opponent.


Everything is almost the same as the version for PC. However, it has some changes to lớn fit the phone screen. When you touch the cửa hàng in the right corner of the screen, it will show up the full screen instead of at the bottom. Besides, some information display interfaces have also been changed khổng lồ help you have a better experience.

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Download Teamfight Tactics app android for Android

Above is some information about Teamfight Tactics APK. Thanks to lớn the mobile version, now you can play Teamfight Tactics anywhere, anytime. If you love League of Legends và want lớn take part in this strategy game, download the game via the links below the article và start a match today.