Apocrypha vs strange fake: fate


So I've been trying to get inlớn fate/strange & I was wondering how different is from regular fate (i.e true/false servants và the false/true holy grail war) & if there is any news about the manga or light novel getting an official English translation. Thanks!


SF is kindomain authority lượt thích Apocrytrộn but there’re no true/false “factions” (like Apocrypha’s Red/Black). You will see masters/servants alliances here và there (to lớn take down a certain svào servant) but the HGWs (both T/F) in this series are more “free-for-all” compare khổng lồ Apocrytrộn. Any masters/servants in the True side are free to lớn attaông xã any masters/servants in the False side và the same can be applied khổng lồ the False side. Admittedly, it’s a little chaotic but the pacing isn’t fast so it won’t be hard to keep tracks of who’s fighting who.

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The manga is trying lớn catch up with the LN, some sites should’ve proper translations.

any news about the manga or light novel getting an official English translation.

Don't get your hopes up. Type Moon very rarely licenses their stuff.

You can read the manga on MangaDEX.org

True và False servants are kind of like Red and Black from Apocrytrộn. But instead of the true servants all teaming up its more like they just have sầu an truce not khổng lồ attachồng eachother. Think of Mordred & Jachồng from Apocrytrộn. They are part of a team but they all fight solo.

bởi you have any clue if there is gonna be like a physical release of either the manga or light novel.

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there is no big faction there.

If anything , we could say this: Strange Fake had a true functional grail & a false tainted with Angra's mud , in which we have a true battle royale between 14 servants and masters.

In which 50% of those servants are bugged and all "false" servants have sầu a time limit khổng lồ gain the real grail.

And khổng lồ spice things up: True Archer , True Caster , False Caster had a group of underlings , while False Assassin's Master is a Dead Apostle , which makes hlặng wrechồng havok khổng lồ a point the Catholic Church's moderator is forced to lớn act as an executioner. Which means , if we thing of the Church's moderator as a "ruler" , he is a "ruler" in a feud against "false assassin".

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