Art Of War 3: Global Conflict


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Art of War 3 Review, Main Features, game play and Video

Art of War is a game that has served as the mã sản phẩm for real time strategy games for thirteen years. It is based on the gaming experiences provided by classic titles such as Starcraft & Command & Conquer. Art of War 3 does a great job of emulating their depth and tactical gameplay.


Art of War 3 is about a conflict between the Confederates và the Resistance. The Confederate is the faction in control and they stay in power by using authoritarian tactics with the goal of uniting the entire world under one rule. Th Resistance is a rebel army that promotes individual freedom và is dedicated towards stopping the Confederate at all costs.

The developers were able khổng lồ side-step the usual trap of making one side good & the other evil. The storyline does a great job of showing that both the Confederates và the Resistance are doing what they feel is right for the greater good of all mankind. Both camps are flawed in interesting ways and the moral ambiguity makes the characters from either side easy lớn relate with.

The battles even out by giving each side similar units that are just different enough lớn make the contrast clear. The different classes of units are assault vehicles, infantry, air units, marine units & special vehicles. The first four classes are self-explanatory but the special vehicle units are wildcards which could give you special bonuses or attack your enemies from range.

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Players are able lớn choose whichever side that they want based on how they prefer lớn play. The Confederate is the better pick if you lượt thích slow but tough units which have a large store of firepower at their disposal. For example, the Confederate infantry units will be equipped with heavy assault units which can take down tanks with ease.

The Resistance concentrates more on sabotage than mở cửa warfare therefore they rely on quick and stealthy tactics in order khổng lồ win. For example, Resistance infantry are more likely lớn hide in the jungle & use Riflemen or Snipers lớn take out the slow-moving Confederate forces. Resistance assault vehicles are recon units và mine-layers which specialize in hit-and-run tactics.

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All of the units và buildings can be upgraded. Along with upgrades, everything from buildings lớn planes and weapons can be tweaked khổng lồ function according to lớn your preferences.

If you wish to see how the other side fights then you can switch between the Resistance & the Confederates mid-game. The sides are fairly well matched but using the Resistance requires a touch of finesse that many players don’t have the patience for. Most players will choose to lớn use the Confederates & just smash their way through the game.

The Good

Beautifully designed graphics along with enchanting soundtracks và a storyline that gives you pause before you decide to skip the cutscenes.

The ability lớn change between sides mid-game keeps players from experience FOMO without having to play the whole game all over again.

The Bad

In-app purchases give lazy players a way to màn chơi up without really earning it.


Art of War 3 is brilliant game. The variety in the types of weapons & infantry along with the ability khổng lồ switch between sides makes this one of the best RTS games yet.

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