Sony Computer Entertainment
kích hoạt, Adventure, Role-Playing
Asia, EU, JP.., US
November 2, 2010

The game is mix in ancient Greece, where Zeus was warned that the future of Olympus will be destroyed, not by the vengeance of the Titans but by those once held by the God of Olympia imprisoned with a warrior has been marked. Zeus and Ares believe sầu that the warrior is Kratos’ brother Deimos, so he kidnaps hyên from an early age. Kratos tried lớn stop the war god but he left a soto on his right eye. In the over, Deimos was taken khổng lồ death và imprisoned và brutally tortured. To commemorate, the younger brother has his mark on a red tattoo identical to lớn the marks of the ill-fated brother. With the loss & hatred of the god on Olympus, who robbed the last thành viên of the family, the anh hùng begins the path of gaining the throne of power & punishes the sins that have sầu caused.

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Opening the series of events of the game is the dialogue between Kros and Athena. It raised the warning for the worse in the future & to lớn grasp everything, players begin their journey with the characters. In this section, Kros bởi not use chain alone anymore, but instead combines with Athena – a duo earns attaching with the chain at the wrist, providing the ability to attaông xã within the distance. It seems that, while this release was developed và about lớn be released, the anh hùng has trained hard, so he can use it quite well with many different techniques.

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But that’s not all, because later a new weapon called Arms of Sparta will also appear. It was a phối, consisting of a lance and shield lượt thích the ancient gladiators often had. You can collect, & will certainly become more dangerous by the flexibility brought. For example, a metal shield is hard enough khổng lồ bloông chồng dangerous attacks from the enemy, while stabbing at the enemy or launching from a distance. In addition, it is also possible lớn spread flames into lớn the weapon, lớn increase the attaông xã power, enough to lớn penetrate the dense armor of the enemy.

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If that’s the case, it’s probably still quite weak lớn fight the gods. Developers should understvà this was supplemented with magical features. In a way, fiction is greatly reduced, while gameplay is more extensive when weapons are not the only thing to kill someone. Moreover, the effect is also shown through underwater battles. Of course, everything is not available, which forces you to lớn search/collect in the process of reaching the final goal.