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Plague Inc: The Board game is a strategic game of infection, evolution và extinction based on the smash hit đoạn clip game Plague Inc. With over 85 million players. Each player is a deadly disease, evolving chất lượng symptoms to lớn customise their pathogen as they compete against each other to lớn infect cities across the globe và be the first khổng lồ wipe out humanity!

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The game is easy to learn, fast to lớn set up và the intuitive game mechanics linked to lớn the realistic theme help everyone get stuck into the trò chơi straight away. Experienced players will love the strategic depth and they can also enjoy the new virut expansion which comes with chất lượng special abilities and tactical options(included in the box for free). Watch out for Mutations!



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Beginning with Patient Zero, you spread your infection across the world by placing tokens in cities - earning DNA points and preventing other players from becoming dominant. Initially, your pathogen is weak and unspecialised, so you will need to địa chỉ new symptoms khổng lồ make it stronger. Choose carefully và plan ahead in order khổng lồ react khổng lồ an ever-changing world.Bạn đã xem: hướng dẫn chơi plague inc evolved


We"re happy lớn guarantee that each box of Plague Inc: The Board trò chơi will contain four deadly pathogens that are not classified by the CDC. They may cause sneezing, coughing, cannibalism, total organ failure và more. Please wash your hands after playing!

Plague Inc: Armageddon is the first major expansion for the critically acclaimedPlague Inc: The Board Game. Infect the world with two radically different disease types, powerful game-changing genes, và a whole lot more.

Get ready lớn laugh as global vaccination rates drop, cry as your friend evolves a particularly lethal strain of athlete"s foot and cheer as yourBioweapon devastates entire continents in a single turn!

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