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a game by Michael "Kayin" O"Reilly
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 6.7/10 - 163 votes
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I was a huge bạn of the game, I Wanmãng cầu Be the Guy, so when I heard that there was a bạn game based on that game, but with popular streamer, Boshytime, I was all over it.


Let me start right away by telling you the good news, I Wanna Be the Boshy is a free game. You bởi vì not have sầu to lớn spkết thúc a penny lớn play this và that right away makes this well worth playing at least once.

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So Much Fan Service!

You know how the movie Ready Player One features a ton of tín đồ service & you always wonder what kind of reference it was going to lớn throw your way next? Well, you can amplify that khổng lồ about a level 100 with I Wanmãng cầu Be the Boshy. Each level has its own theme and is based around some old school video game.Now you, of course, have your staples lượt thích Mario, Sonic & so on, but I love ho obscure this game gets. From a trùm fight with a giant & evil Hello Kitty lớn my personal favorite, The Cheetah Men! How on earth does someone thing khổng lồ put the Cheetah Men in a game like this? Well, I am glad they did và I Wanna Be the Boshy is full of fun Easter eggs lượt thích this that will make you smile…… before making you cry.

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Do You Have The Skills?

There is a reason that I Wanna Be the Boshy is so popular with streamers. It is super tough! This is a platform game where you have sầu to move sầu at 100 miles per hour. This is a platforming game that pretty much gives you no time to lớn think. It is all about your reactions and how quiông xã you can react to lớn what is happening.You have sầu to have sầu one eye on what is right in front of you & the other eye on what is coming next. It really is tense stuff and there is a lot of trial and error here. What I think shows how good this game is, is the way that it can be very frustrating, but the game is so much fun you think that if you have just one more try, you will get past that section which has seen you die 2 thous& times. I would say that the gameplay feels lượt thích a cross between Super Meat Boy & Super Ghouls và Ghosts so that right there tells you what a tough time you are in for.


I had such a great time with I Wanna Be the Boshy & let me tell you that you bởi vì not have khổng lồ know anything about Boshytime lớn have sầu fun with this game. The constant barrage of video game references never gets old và you are genuinely always wondering what the heck is coming next. From Street Fighter, Hello Kitty, Super Mario, Castlevania and many more. Plus the platforming action is awesome! If you think you are a master platformer, you need khổng lồ play this game khổng lồ really put your skills to lớn the demo.


Awesome Clip game referencesPlatforming is actually very tightYou never know what is coming nextGreat to play with your friendsIt is frustrating và fun at the same time