Key steam miễn phí 2021


The era of buying CDs và DVDs is long gone, now you only need lớn purchase games digitally and then you can play them on your PCs. Không tính phí Steam Keys are basically a free pass for you to lớn play these games legally, without paying for them.

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There are lots of không tính tiền games available online that you can play without paying anything. But, for how long are you supposed to lớn play these? & it’s fairly common for someone to get bored by playing the same game over and over. So, the best way to khuyến mãi with this is khổng lồ get more games for free.

How to lớn get không lấy phí Steam Keys in 2021

How to get free Steam Keys

While không lấy phí games might not be as flashy as paid ones in terms of graphics and gameplay, they’re still quite fun. These không tính tiền games are also quite short và entertaining, so you can just finish one free game và jump off to lớn the other. There won’t be anything holding you down lượt thích in paid games such as a multiplayer mode that will make you play the same trò chơi for years. Additionally, these không tính phí games have low requirements most of the time, so if you don’t have a beast PC, you can still enjoy them và have fun.

Whether or not if you have a gaming PC or just a normal one, a gaming table can địa chỉ a lot of style khổng lồ your setup. These tables are also designed ergonomically for your comfort. These gaming tables are ideal for people who work or play games on their PCs for longer sessions. Luckily, we’ve put together a danh mục of some of thebest gaming tablesjust for you.

What Exactly Are Steam Keys?

Steam is one of the biggest online gaming libraries in the world. You buy a trò chơi on Steam, và you can play it on any computer after downloading it through your steam account. It also saves you a lot of storage space as you can quite easily get rid of the games that you don’t want khổng lồ play và just download them again once you have a change of heart.

But, to lớn run most of these games you’ll need a gaming PC. When people hear about a gaming PC, some of them think that building one from scratch can be quite troublesome, while others don’t want to keep spending money on future upgrades. For this reason, we’ve put together some of thebest pre-built intel gaming PCs. The best thing about these gaming PCs is that they’re future-proof, so you won’t have to lớn spend any more money on them for the next half-a-decade at least.

While some games on steam are free, most of them are paid games. Once you pay for these games, they’re automatically added to lớn your Steam library and you can play them from anywhere. However, you can also use steam keys to địa chỉ these paid games to your library, without spending any money.

Normally, these steam keys also cost money, but we’ll be telling you a bunch of ways for you to lớn get them for absolutely free.

Top 5 miễn phí Steam Keys Websites

1- miễn phí Games Finders


Free Games Finders is a group on Steam. This group gives an update as khổng lồ where you can get what game’s steam key for free. They also tell you about the whole process of getting the trò chơi keys from these sites. Occasionally, you can even get your hands on a few triple-A games for free.

There’s also a thread in this group where people give out their own steam keys for free. However, you’ll have to lớn be very active lớn claim those as most of them are claimed almost instantly.

2- FreeGameFinding


FreeGameFindings is a subreddit on the popular social truyền thông media site called Reddit. This subreddit hands out không lấy phí game keys for many platforms including steam. If you’re a collector who likes to địa chỉ many different games on different platforms, FreeGameFindings is the best place for you.

3- FreeGamesOnSteam


FreeGamesOnSteam is another subreddit on Reddit. However, what makes it different from FreeGamesFindings is that you’ll only find không tính tiền steam games on this place. If you’re a dedicated steam user who doesn’t use any other platform, FreeGamesOnSteam just might be the thing you need.

4- Indiegala


Indiegala is an online gaming store trang web which is quite famous for their regular giveaways. While you may not be able khổng lồ find the steam key of your favorite games, but you’ll surely find some excellent games here for free. They also give rewards in the khung of steam wallets & all you have to bởi vì just visit the site and log in lớn it after creating an account. You can also get many steam games at heavy discounts from this website.

5- FreeSteamKeys


This trang web is your easiest bet on getting those steam keys for free. You can easily get some popular games through here. But, this website requires you to lớn be very active as the keys can run out very quickly. You’ll have to kiểm tra up on it regularly lớn see what’s on the menu.

How to lớn Redeem Steam Keys

Let’s suppose you finally have a steam key, but how would you activate it and địa chỉ the trò chơi to your library? The answer to that is fairly easy. Activating a steam key is much less of a hassle than actually obtaining one. Follow the given steps below khổng lồ learn how to activate a steam key:

Step 1: First, you’ll need the steam client và a steam account. You can the steam client from their official website and sign up there as well. Once you’ve downloaded the steam client, you’ll have khổng lồ install it on your PC.

Step 2: Now that you have the steam client installed, log in khổng lồ it using your steam account. Look on the bottom left corner of the Steam client’s window, và you’ll see a “+” sign with the text “ADD A GAME.” Click on it & select the “Activate a hàng hóa on Steam” option from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Step 2 will xuất hiện a sản phẩm activation wizard. Press “NEXT >” and agree khổng lồ the terms of the “Steam Subscriber Agreement” to continue. Once you’ve agreed lớn it, the next step will ask for a “Product Code.” This is where you’ll have lớn paste or write down your steam key.

If you’ve entered the correct steam key, the trò chơi will be added to lớn your steam library automatically. You can also choose to download the game right away by continuing the “Product Activation” process.

If you want to check how many games are currently in your library, click on the “LIBRARY” option on the top-left corner of the Steam client, right next lớn the “STORE” option.

Gamers know how much fun it is to lớn play online with their friends. But, sometimes you can’t vì that because some other people keep popping up in your game’s server. The best way to khuyến mãi with this is khổng lồ make your own personal gaming server, which can be easily done at your home using an old PC. Read more aboutbuilding a gaming hệ thống at homehere.

Why miễn phí Steam Keys?

Some people might be wondering why the concept of không tính phí steam keys exists. That is because piracy is a crime & there can be legal kích hoạt taken against you if you pirate games. Không tính tiền steam keys allow you lớn legally play all these games without worrying about a thing.

In countries where piracy is fairly common, you still need to lớn pay for some games because most new multiplayer games don’t let you access the online mode without a proper purchased copy of the game. So, khổng lồ play the trò chơi online with others, you need to buy the game or get a không tính phí key from it from somewhere.

Is your gaming laptop lagging? Are you experiencing FPS drops? Don’t worry because all of it can be fixed easily. While gaming laptops are not as powerful compared to Gaming PCs for the same price, they are fairly portable and also have a lot of other uses. That’s why we’ve put together a guide that will teach youhow lớn make your gaming máy tính xách tay faster. Follow the instructions given in the guide to lớn make your laptop just as fast as new, maybe even more than that.

How & Why Sites Giveaway không lấy phí Steam Keys

Following are some of the reasons most major sites và companies giveaway miễn phí steam keys.

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Trading likes and views for a chance to lớn win a giveaway

Some sites organize giveaways of a few steam keys và thousands of people instantly reach out to take part in the giveaway. They ask all their followers to like their pages, watch their videos or ads, or create accounts. However, there can only be as many winners as the miễn phí available steam keys.

Basically, these sites donate a few steam keys, & in return, get lots of likes, views, accounts, & ad revenue.

People get bored and quit the game

Some games offer không lấy phí steam keys or wallet funds as a reward for small competitive games. But, the reward per trò chơi is quite small and you have lớn win a lot of them lớn pile up enough points khổng lồ claim the prizes. Most of the time, these types of games don’t work out. However, in case they bởi work out, most people play the game for a while and then get bored out of it và quit the game. In that situation, the trò chơi owner claims all the rewards for themselves.

Measuring the download speed of users

Sites like GOG offer miễn phí steam keys as rewards for their users who take part in these speed tests. The goal of these speed tests is khổng lồ measure the tải về speed of each user from different regions to make their services better.

Inviting More Subscribers

Some sites offer rewards khổng lồ their users if they invite other people to lớn the trò chơi or site in some cases. These rewards are there for the taking but the site also gains many more subscribers this way, which turns out to lớn be more profitable for them in the long run as the invited people may invite more people in the future & the cycle goes on.

Offering miễn phí Steam Games as a Sample

These sites hand out không lấy phí games as samples so the users can try them out. If the trò chơi turns out to lớn be popular among the users, they later sell it at a decent price. People who like the game buy it, while the others purchase the trò chơi just because of the fame. This marketing technique is quite common & effective in the gaming community.

FREE Games in Exchange for Reviews

You might see some websites offering không tính phí steam keys khổng lồ users in exchange for writing a positive review. These positive reviews increase the traffic to the website và attract many other new users to the game. This practice doesn’t only make the trò chơi or site more popular, but it also makes them earn a lot of profit.

While we’re talking about reviews, kiểm tra out our review on some of thebest và smallest ATX PC cases. These cases are ideal if you want khổng lồ save space on your gaming table without sacrificing any style points.

Exchanging Digital Currency for Games

Some sites offer digital currency, which can be earned by watching ads, videos, making accounts on the websites, và playing several other mini-games. This digital currency can then be exchanged for không lấy phí steam keys.

While the variety of available games through this method might not be much, you get a guaranteed trò chơi for all your efforts. If you’re someone who doesn’t want khổng lồ rely on luck, this option is for you.

Trading Games

While it may sound like games that involve trading, the truth is quite far away from it. As you might know, không lấy phí games can’t be sold anywhere, but they can, of course, be traded for other games.

Yes, it’s true. You can trade games on steam that you’ve gotten for free. It is especially useful for people who are done with their games or just don’t want khổng lồ play them anymore. You can trade your own trò chơi with others for a game that you’re interested in playing.

If you’re having trouble finding anyone to trade your games with, there’s a steam platform by the name of “Steam Trades,” which can be used khổng lồ find other steam users who want your trò chơi in exchange for theirs. You can also check out several steam game trading subreddits khổng lồ find people who want khổng lồ trade with you.

AMA Platform

The AMA, or Ask Me Anything platform, is used by some sites lớn ask questions from you through direct messaging, and getting your answers. Once you’ve given your answer khổng lồ their question, they’ll reply with a không tính tiền steam key. You’ll have to lớn be fairly lucky to lớn get approached by them, though.

Using Codes và Puzzles

Some websites use the codes and puzzles to give away steam keys for free. They drop a puzzle or a code that quickly spreads over the internet with the help of social media. If anyone solves the puzzle or code, they can activate the steam key.

If you’ve solved the puzzle, but still don’t have the steam key, you’ll have to tương tác people organizing the giveaway, và they’ll hand you the steam key in private. This method is used so that bots can’t activate the key on their accounts. It also ensures that the keys go to lớn someone willing to put effort into the key.

A gaming mouse is an expensive investment và that is why it is also important khổng lồ clean it once in a while. If you don’t clean it, not only will it get quite filthy, it can also become a source of many diseases because of all the dirt & germs that keep piling up on it. Don’t forget to kiểm tra out our 3-step guide oncleaning a gaming mouseto extend its life & keeping yourself healthy.

Are không lấy phí Steam Keys Safe?

Yes, steam keys are completely safe. They’re just a combination of numbers & alphabets that signify the purchase of a game. You enter these combinations into your steam client và steam adds the trò chơi into your library. There’s nothing more lớn it than this. However, you’ll have khổng lồ be aware of the people who can scam you by telling you to download something suspicious in exchange for a promise of không tính phí steam game keys. These files can seriously damage your computer.

Gamers & streamers both need a steady mạng internet connection lớn enjoy their time on their PCs. A lousy mạng internet connection can cause quite a lot of trouble for streamers and gamers alike. To solve this issue, you’ll need lớn get a good Wi-Fi router. However, there are lots of routers available on the internet, and finding the perfect one isn’t as easy as it sounds. For this reason, we’ve put together some of thebest Wi-Fi routersthat are specifically designed for streaming và gaming.

What If I want to pay for Steam Keys, But not too Much?

If you’re someone who’s willing lớn spend some money to get steam keys, you can just buy the game directly from Steam Store. But, if you’re looking for a discount then there are plenty of sites for that too. Sites lượt thích và are known for their massive discounts on steam games. You can also check out to see if your desired game has a discount available there or not.

HumbleBundle also occasionally organizes big giveaways for some popular steam games. You can claim the free games by logging into the site during the limited giveaway period. On the other end, Indiegala organizes giveaways regularly but those games aren’t worth that much.

HumbleBundle và Indiegala are the best places lớn visit if you’re looking for steam games at a big discount. Usually, you’ll be able to find your desired trò chơi at a fairly lower price compared to lớn the steam store.

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Everyone knows that gaming is much more enjoyable with headphones. But, not everyone wants to deal with long cords or wires that might come in the way of your otherwise wire-free PC gaming table. That’s why you need a wireless gaming headset. Most people think wireless gaming headsets are too expensive & they’re not that good either compared to lớn the classic wired ones. Those people are wrong. Check out this list of some of thebest wireless gaming headphonesunder $200 that can go hand-in-hand with more expensive wired headphones.