Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

The latest opus in the acclaimed STORM series is taking you on a colourful và breathtaking ride. Take advantage of the totally revamped battle system and prepare khổng lồ dive into the most epic fights you’ve ever seen in the na-ru-to SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate nin-ja STORM series!

Prepare for the most awaited STORM game ever created!

Minimum Specifications:OS: Windows (64bit) 7 or higher up khổng lồ date Processor: hãng sản xuất intel i3-530, 2.93Ghz / AMD Phenom II X4 940, 3.0GHz Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: 2048 MB video clip card, pixel Shader 5.0 DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 40 GB available space

GenreAction, Adventure, Anime, Fighting, Multiplayer

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Just got this trò chơi for only 7 dollars and it is normal 30. I thought this was a scam but if it worked!!!!!!

i wanted this trò chơi but its 25 on the steam store i was nervous lớn buy this thinking i was gonna get scammed but i never thank ypu

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it was such a good value. I thought i was going to get scammed but i didn't. I will buy more from here in the future
love this trò chơi , great price for a great game pal only thing i would change is the language lớn japanese
Been using this website since 2018 with the launch of sea of thieves, it's an amazing trang web good offers và good customer service.
fucking awesome site ever.i first thought it was kém chất lượng key.when i bought the key for 10$,i was amazed.normally in steam the key is 59.99$.this is very looking forward to buy other games from this site.thank u very much
Although the trang web is questionable & may seem untrustworthy it has earned a reputation for its great service. I started testing this place out with Xbox live codes and upon immediate success i can now trust this place enough to lớn purchase games. If your wondering how it works, you purchase it & you get a code lớn redeem on steam, xbox, or ps4. Codes are legit so JUST vì chưng IIT
The pre-order was emailed almost 4 hours the official release on steam, giving me the opportunity to lớn pre load và pre download the game as well as the pre-order dlc.Those who are na-ru-to fans or just looking for a fighting trò chơi this is one of the best. Improved graphics and a lot of characters khổng lồ play with.
first time ordering from this site and i was surprised at how fast & secure the order went & i actually got the pre order dlc so that deserves a 5 star rating from me

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