Play pubg mobile on pc with noxplayer


PUBG mobile is a popular choice for all gamers. It is free to play and has amazing graphics for a mobile game. However, sometimes due to unstable internet connection and other hardware issues, lower budget phones cannot handle the game and they start overheating.

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Some players also experience frame rate issue where they have lower FPS which causes the game to lag. Battery issues are also a concern for mobile gaming. Thus, for those players it is a viable option to switch to Emulator gaming. You do not need a hardcore PC to play games on an Emulator.

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PUBG for PC is first of all not free to play and secondly, you would need a very decent PC to run the game.Thus, an emulator is the way to go in such a situation. On that note, here are the top three best emulators to play the game on your PC.

Three Best Emulators for playing PUBG Mobile

#3 NOX App Player

Nox App Player offers a very clean UI and interface. It has a very large screen to match your monitor and offers seamless gameplay. The colors are very vibrant as well. It has a multiplayer feature which allows playing other games in the background as well. It has a very smooth moving shooting feature which allows players to bind their crosshair as it makes it easier to aim and shoot in-game.

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To install Nox App player simply go to their site and click on "Download" and then install the application.

#2 BlueStacks

BlueStacks is undoubtedly one of the most popular choices for playing mobile games on an Emulator. It is been around for a very long time and the company has made major changes to their latest software. It has a very fast speed and the controls work very smoothly.

There is no delay or latency in shooting and there is a dedicated shooting mode for FPS games as well. You can also run other software in the background as well while you are gaming.

To install Bluestacks simply go to their site and click on "Download" and then install the application.

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#1 GameLoop

This is the updated version of Tencent Gaming buddy and it is the only authentic emulator that is just focused for PUBG. The player can customize their controls according to their keybind and the gameplay is very smooth. There is very less or no lag at all in-game as it uses "Network Acceleration". It also has a special social lobby where players can interact with each other. You can stream from this emulator as well.