Skt Vs Ssg Highlights Game 3 World Championship 2017 Finals Sk Telecom T1 Vs Samsung Galaxy By Onivi


In a rematch of last year’s championship, SK Telecom T1 và Samsung Galaxy faced off in the Grand Finals at Worlds 2017. The series ended in a stunning upset, with Samsung taking a clean 3-0 victory against SKT.

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If you followed Worlds this year, you know that SKT’s shakiness was a recurring theme, particularly with their bot lane. SKT made it khổng lồ the finals on the back of Faker’s relentless pressure and Huni’s lane dominance. SKT’s quarterfinal series against Misfits, a match that few predicted would make it to five games, ended with SKT barely victorious against Misfits’ 3x Infernal Drake in the final game. SKT’s match against RNG was no cakewalk either, & it was another series that went the full five games. In somewhat unusual fashion, Faker locked in Galio all five games, choosing to lớn play a tank that could impact the side lanes instead of a traditional mage or assassin.

At the start of the group stage during Worlds 2017, Samsung was a bit of a dark horse, at least compared khổng lồ the other Korean teams. Longzhu was an early favorite khổng lồ win Worlds, especially since they had beat SKT in the LCK Summer Finals. Three-time World Champions SKT were another strong bet. Samsung, however, got 3-0’d by SKT in the LCK Summer Playoffs. They weren’t even considered to lớn be in the same tier as KT Rolster, a team that didn’t even qualify for Worlds. Expectations for Samsung were not high.

Samsung shattered expectations in the vị trí cao nhất 8, dropping only their first trò chơi against Team WE. But how did Samsung pull off a clean sweep against SKT? Some of the reasons are simple: Samsung laned better, had stronger team fights, và closed out their leads. They didn’t make the same kind of mistakes that SKT did. Indeed, SKT were sloppy & seemed tilted throughout the series—they didn’t look lượt thích a team playing in the grand finals at Worlds, and they definitely didn’t look like defending champions.

Worlds 2017 Finals trò chơi 1: Samsung Win in 37 Minutes

(Data via Reddit.)

First blood didn’t happen until the Baron fight at 23:38, but Samsung took complete control of the trò chơi long before then. Most of the early action took place in mid lane. Faker lost his summoner spells lớn a gank & a Malzahar all-in, but no kills came of it. Samsung used advantageous lane matchups lớn push endless waves into SKT’s towers, and SKT had no way khổng lồ punish them for it. Overwhelming bot lane pressure let Samsung claim the game’s first tower at ~13 min, pushing them lớn a 2k gold lead.

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Two uncontested Mountain Drakes later, the game’s first fight took place at Baron Nashor. SKT attempted khổng lồ stop SSG from taking Baron Nashor, with Peanut heroically stealing the Baron, but SKT suffered four deaths during the fight. When Baron respawned, Samsung used their superior vision control and three mountain drakes to lớn melt Nashor.

At one point during the game, SKT had only measly wards up, while SSG had five control wards và a handful of trinket wards scattered across the Rift.

With a large gold lead & plenty of disengage options at their disposal, there was no way for SKT lớn stop the onslaught, & Samsung ended the trò chơi without letting SKT get a single kill.

Worlds 2017 Finals trò chơi 2: Samsung Win in 35 Minutes

(Data via Reddit.)

On red side, SKT’s plan was khổng lồ get a good counterpick for Huni or Faker. To lớn SKT’s benefit, Samsung’s pick order allowed both Huni và Faker to bởi precisely this, & SKT counterpicked Yasuo và Ryze against Gnar và Malzahar. Yasuo exploits Gnar’s weakness against mobility, and Ryze’s Spell Flux one-shots Malzahar’s voidlings while allowing Faker to still affect the side lanes with his ult.

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SKT abused their picks to earn a 3k gold lead before trăng tròn minutes. They put the first two kills of the game onto Faker. They had an early Mountain Drake. Then, in an act of extreme bravery, Bang flashed onto the enemy tank. The rest of his team was unable to follow up without Flash, và unwilling to put themselves behind a flanking Mega Gnar.