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Spider-Man games used to lớn rule the roost when it came lớn licensed comic book properties. Spidey led the way in fact on the NES, và continued his streak into the SNES with classic brawlers lượt thích Separation AnxietyandMaximum Carnage, & one of my personal favorites — the 1995 cartoon adaptation.

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But ever since 2004’sSpider-Man 2, developers have struggled to recapture the magic of what it means to swing about in 3D. While I saw a lot of hope in the first Amazing Spider-Man game, there’s been an unfortunate drop in unique the second time around.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2(3DS, PC, PS3, PS4 , Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)Developer: BeenoxPublisher:ActivisionMSRP: $59.99Released: April 29, 2014

First things first: The Amazing Spider-Man 2manages to bởi web slinging right — something practically no other 3d Spider trò chơi has in years. The idea is simple in that the left and right triggers control left và right webs respectively, forcing you to lớn actually seea physical anchor point before swinging around. Yep, that’s right, invisible air swinging is no longer an option for the most part. This allows Spidey lớn maneuver about with grace, since you can let go of the button early lớn fling yourself to and fro with the new physics engine.

It actually feels pretty great và achieves a sense of speed very close to lớn the films — and that’s not even mentioning the slingshot move that can shoot you forward at high speed, or the returning slow-mo move that lets you pinpoint certain jump points. So while movement around the game’s mở cửa world is great, everything else is kind of a mixed bag.

Combat in particular is part of that mixture, as it takes cues from counter-based systems like the Assassin’s Creedand Arkhamfranchises, but a lot less inspired và clean. Hits as a whole lack an impact, and despite the fact that the framerate remains fairly consistent, Spidey’s animations are incredibly poor, & on đứng top of that you’ll have khổng lồ watch the same few combos over & over. All you really need to vày to win is mash the attack button & occasionally press the counter button lớn dodge và counterstike — there isn’t much lớn it.

Stealth scenes also return, & again, especially considering the Detective Vision-like Spidey Sense, heavily evoke feelings of the Predator scenes from Arkham. Having said that, I actually enjoy these scenes as Spider-Man a little more-so than the caped crusader, because he can crawl on walls, slither down a web lượt thích a spider stalking his prey, và so on — which gives these portions a unique & interesting feel.Pace-killing Peter Parker scenes occur a little too often though, and while they don’t last all that long they vì feel pointlessly injected.

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Speaking of pacing, the script is kind of all over the place for the roughly 10-hour affair. What starts off as a decent cài đặt and film tie-in becomes its own mess entirely. Spider-Man begins chasing Uncle Ben’s killer (which is a simple enough premise), và quickly finds himself in the middle of an attack on Oscorp. From there, it feels lượt thích the writers found any and every excuse khổng lồ just pack in every villain they could find (of which there are seven) regardless of how well they worked.

Having said that, there is a good amount of fun to lớn be had here, especially since new villains are introduced every half hour or so, và in-between them, exploring the đô thị is quite fun. It all feels like a mess, but a funmess nonetheless if all you want khổng lồ see is Spider-Man beat up và web-up some bad guys.


It’s tough to really hotline The Amazing Spider-Man 2a current-generation game — because it’s not. While the aforementioned consistent framerate is definitely a plus on the PS4, the game doesn’t look all that great, or detailed for that matter. The thành phố feels relatively lifeless, and the UI & menus feel cluttered và a little too retro for their own good. A lack of polish isn’t doing Amazing2any favors.

Peter’s old friend “Stan” returns from the first game, & this time we get lớn see him in the flesh operating his comic shop. It’s here that you’ll be able lớn access all of the game’s extras, including a training simulation, figurine collectibles, và real comic books that you can collect throughout the city. You can also opt lớn change out your costume in Peter’s room (pre-order bonuses range from the Venom Suit to lớn Spider-Man’s Cosmic outfiit.

While it’s more than a lot of other open-world games offer, nothing is compelling enough lớn collect or pursue unless you reallywant khổng lồ read those comic books. The sidequests in general (fighting petty criminals and taking pictures) are simply a bore, only rewarding you with a generic 10-second clip of the Daily Bugle heralding Spidey’s heroic actions. Whereas games lượt thích inFamous: Second Son, Saints Row IV, và Prototypeoffer up unique objectives & rewards khổng lồ entice you into completing them (as well as a fun sandbox to lớn romp in), Beenox dropped the ball here.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2isn’t a complete disaster, và I can easily see fans of Spidey enjoying it at a deep discount. It’s just a shame that Beenox somehow got worseat making Spider-Man games over time, and that the powers that be insist on rushing them as movie tie-ins. Somehow, someway — we will get our Arkhamof Spider-Man games again. Until then, you can just pick up a used copy of 2004’sSpider-Man 2.