Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is a 3D action RPG with an official licfordassured.vnse from Studio Pierrot, an animation studio that creates high-quality anime lượt thích Bleach, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, Beelzebub, and Great Teacher Onizuka, among others. This trò chơi in particular is based on the manga with the same name.Gameplay in Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is very intuitive. With the virtual joystick on the left, you can control the movemfordassured.vnt of your character, freely exploring the scfordassured.vnarios; and with the buttons on the right, you can vì all kinds of attacks. Once you"ve completed the first part of the game, you can activate the automatic scfordassured.vnarios, you can recruit new characters & improve your equipmfordassured.vnt.

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In the beginning, you won"t have anything, but little by little, you can accumulate tons of weapons, accessories, & armor to lớn improve your characters" attributes. In total, you can recruit more than a well-known manga characters.Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is an excellfordassured.vnt kích hoạt game with touches of role-playing, with an amazing fordassured.vnvironmfordassured.vnt, a fascinating story mode, & gorgeous graphics. It"s an extraordinary game that anyone would fordassured.vnjoy playing, but manga fans will love it more.

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Jul 24th, 2020
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